This course is called Critical Digital Literacy. Here you will apply critical analysis and reasoned judgement to the current innovations in educational technology as they apply to teaching and learning. You will consideration the cognitive structures, pedagogical strategies, critical thinking processes and the implications to classroom applications.

​Through a process of asking questions, constructing knowledge, exploration, and discourse, students in this course will examine digital citizenship, digital fluencies, current policies & procedures, and issues, that impact teaching and learning in digital contexts. The diversity of technology, the Internet, social media and tools of the “Read-Write” web form a significant portion of the course experience. Students will explore relevant digital hardware and software tools to create, communicate, instruct, and think critically.

The course is designed with an inner layer, the secure Desire to Learn (D2L) course site, and an outer layer, this 3910 CDL WordPress site. The lines and actions extend outward from D2L, to the course web site, and then into other web resources and locations. You will use D2L to access the discussion forums, assignment folders, and other secure spaces for group conversations. The course site built on the open web using WordPress, will provide links to additional web tools and resources that are not found within the D2L layer. You can begin within the D2L inner layer, but in order to experience the full potential of critical digital literacy you will need to move fluidly between the layered spaces of learning.

Here’s what you’ll find on this WordPress web site:

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