While the course outcomes are essential to know, this course is ultimately about breaking down and breaking through your fears, and building up your digital literacies. Let’s face our fears head on! Let’s do this together.

Course Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze critical digital literacy frameworks that incorporate digital and communication technologies (DCT) applied to learning and teaching.
  • Model critical digital literacies, digital safety, and digital citizenship when using DCTs.
  • Demonstrate fluencies in the use, operation, and application of hardware and software as a learner
  • Participate and collaborate with interactive technologies
  • Integrate global competencies through discussions and active participation.
  • Reflect and evaluate DCT issues and articulate ideas in a variety of written and media forms.
  • Effectively communicate concepts using a variety of web-based tools, for different purposes.

Individually Specific Outcomes

  • Develop a professional blog site to model and showcase active participation and application of critical literacy skills to topics relevant to teaching and learning with digital tools and technologies
  • Analyze, evaluate, create, present and reflect on critical digital literacy issues in education by articulating ideas in written, oral and multimedia forms e.g. memes, tweets, audio responses, video responses
  • Practice and develop individual methods for filtering, organizing, critiquing, remixing, and disseminating information so that you become more productive, creative and comfortable in digital environments
  • Use a concept mapping tool (Mindomo) to explain and define core Critical Digital Literacy concepts

These outcomes will be evident in what you SHOW YOU KNOW, as demonstrated in the course discussion forums, assignment submissions, activities, creative makes, and conversations held (in text, audio, and video formats) throughout this course. The tasks, activities, and ways to show you know, are outlined on the course assignment page.