Week 1 – A Shoe Selfie Story

This week we’ll work on getting into the course, introduce ourselves, and take time to get to know each other. Think about our digital ‘self’ as it will be shared with others in this course. We’ll share our digital selves through a ‘selfie shoe story’ while critically analyzing how the virtual you can be shared as a teacher and learner.

DATES: September 3 – 7


Topics to Get You Started
  • Begin by reading about the impact of selfies on our sense of identity and how this media phenomenon can be applied to the classroom. Think critically about what our selfies show or hide about our digital identities. Compare your digital self as a student to an image of digital learners. How are YOU represented in digital learning spaces? In your discussion post this week consider how issues of ethics and bias come into play when it comes to the classroom use of selfies.
  • Selfies can be a force for good, as seen in this video by Jonathan Worth and his Selfless Selfies campaign. While you watch this video, think about how this could be used in your classroom to impact change, promote social justice issues, or heighten awareness for a cause. How could you ensure student privacy and safety is managed while exploring a Selfless Selfie activity with students?

How will you apply critical digital literacies when/if you use selfies in your teaching practice?

  • Create a shoe selfie story. If only your shoes could talk! What could they tell others about the person wearing them? What adventures have they experienced with their ‘walking partner’. Take a picture of one or two pairs of your shoes that are your favourites, or ones that have been on grand adventures with you. Include the image and the story [as modelled in this shoe selfie story completed by Helen].
  • Use this Google Slides template to create your 2-3 slide shoe selfie story. Then share the story in D2L, in the Shoe Selfie Story discussion forum. Use a VIEW ONLY link [see this How-To-Video] to make sure you’ve got the right URL to share.
  • Complete the Getting to Know You Google Forms survey so we can plan this course to best meet your learning needs and goals.


  • A1: By Friday, Sept 6th at 11:59 p.m. post an intro message in the Welcome folder in D2L with a URL link to your shoe selfie story. Use the instructions to share a VIEW ONLY version of your story


  • How does your selfie shoe story and your shoe selfie images play off other selfie images created by your classmates? Where do they compare/contrast?
  • Analyze the application of selfie activities from a teaching perspective with awareness of issues of safety, security and privacy in mind. How can you address the risks and rewards of using selfies in your classroom?