Week 2 – Defining CDL

This week we will explore terminology and definitions for the essential concepts for this course. Through a process of deconstructing each of the terms, then patching them back together, we will gain understanding. You can build your understanding by creating a concept map to analyze and synthesize ideas, information and issues related to critical digital literacy.

DATES: Sept 8th – 14th 


TOPICS: What is ‘critical’What does the word ‘critical’ mean to you? Where do you feel ‘critical’ is found in teaching or learning about digital literacy? What exactly do we mean by the words ‘digital literacy’? Let’s try to make sense of these words. 

Critical + Digital + Literacy

Closely examine each of the branches on this concept map. What are the core elements included in this ‘big idea’ called critical digital literacy? Why are these important in today’s classrooms, in your opinion?

Alan Luke shares insights that will support your understanding about critical literacy. As you view this video, add ideas to your concept map.

So how does critical literacy connect to digital topics and tools? As you watch the following brief video, describing the SAMR model, think about how you can critically analyze the use and application of digital technologies in your learning and into your teaching.

How have you seen or experienced each of these ‘layers’ of tech integration into your own courses and learning environments? How have you seen substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition in your learning or teaching? Include these experiences in your discussion post to model critical analysis of digital tools and techniques.


As you begin your A2 Blogging Assignment, think critically about how your digital literacies and fluencies will be applied to this task.

·    Create a blog site using one of the suggested blogging tools and post a ‘welcome message’ – include an image – could be from your shoe selfie, avatar, or other creative make. Share the URL in the D2L assignment folder by


  • A1: Discussion post in D2L by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.
  • A1: Two responses in D2L by Friday at 11:59 p.m.
  • A2: Submit URL LINK for your blog site (not graded but submitted for feedback) by Saturday at 11:59 pm


What is critical digital literacy? What does critical mean to you?

Where do you feel ‘critical’ is found in teaching or learning about digital literacy?

How does the critical digital literacy model from Hinrichsen & Coombs support or restrict your understanding?