Week 5 – Meaning Making

This week will focus on reading, relating and expressing in digital spaces. Our capacity to translate purpose, intention, feeling, or ideas in a digital form will be explored. Following narratives across diverse digital forums can be a challenge. This includes reading, understanding and comprehending information from a variety of media formats, such as a sketch note, meme,  poster, or infographic.

DATES: Sept 30th – Oct 6th 


TOPICS: Watch this video where Doug Belcourt describes the eight essential elements of digital literacies. As you view, create an image or concept map of the key concepts explored. If you’ve never created a concept or mind map before, do an internet search to find out more about this learning strategy.


  • This week you will prepare for the upcoming Zoom Video chat in Week 6. Take time this week to learn how to use Google video chat technology found on the course LAB page.
  • Sign up for a video chat time using the Google survey form. Select one time block that fits into your schedule.
  • Create a hand-drawn concept map to accompany the video – take a picture of this map using a cell phone, tablet, or the camera on your computer. Save this image to post on your blog site.


  • A1: Discussion post in D2L by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.
  • A1: ONE response in D2L by Friday at 11:59 p.m.
  • A1: survey response (to sign up for a video chat time in week 6) due by Friday at 11:59 p.m.
  • A2: Complete your blog post by Saturday at 11:59 pm – NO SUBMISSION in D2L is required (since I can link to your blog site using the URL provided last week).


  • How do you make sense or engage meaningfully with digital ‘texts’ when they are multi-modal and collaborative?
  • Where have you tinkered with interactive digital resources or where do you hope to create multimodal, digital creations?
  • When would  creating interactive texts help (or impede) your audience (students, parents, classmates) to make sense of the message?

You can complete the Google Form response below, or access using the links embedded on this page.