Week 7 – Double U

This week will focus on our ability to effectively and creatively UNDERSTAND and USE digital tools in the classroom. Finding the tools that fit the purpose, intention and pedagogical focus is the first challenge. Evaluating each tool’s affordances and efficacy requires a focus on problem solving and creating. Confidently exploring, innovating and analyzing creative solutions with digital approaches, techniques and content is essential to making informed and critical decisions.

DATES: October 20th to 26th


TOPICS:  The All Aboard graphic image is designed for higher education but much can be applied to work done in K-12 education. Where do you find connections to your own learning experiences. Follow each of the coloured lines to see which skills are included in each group. Examine how you UNDERSTAND and USE the various tools for the purposes laid out on the All Aboard map.

Take a closer look at this site by exploring the Stations and Travelcards.  Use this site as a springboard for understanding digital teaching and learning. Remember to collect and curate your explorations for your next blog post, coming up next week.

As you travel around this image, find locations that are familiar to you. What are they? What areas are foreign or unfamiliar territories? How can this map shape your critical digital literacy journey as a learner and future teacher? How does this map apply to your work in the classroom, either your own or that done with students?


  • Add a ‘note’ to the PADLET wall set up for this week. If you’ve never used Padlet before, be sure to review the video and resources in the LAB before you begin. Please add your first name and last initial on your note, then share a link, video, comment, or idea about using and understanding digital tools.
  • Work on your next blog post, focusing on building connections from course readings to topics of interest, particularly from the All Aboard exploration.
  • Explore a Creative Make activity to include in your next blog post.


    • A1: Discussion post in D2L by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.
    • A1: ONE response in D2L by Friday at 11:59 p.m.
    • A1: ONE response to Padlet wall by Friday 11:59 p.m.
    • A2: ONE response to a comment made on your blog post by Sat. 11:59 p.m.


  • From the All Aboard image, where do you find familiar locations or foreign landscapes?
  • What tools and resources have influenced your critical digital journey into learning and teaching, both positive and negative? (which ones have you enjoyed, which ones have been frustrating?)