Welcome to the digital lab! Here you’ll find some tools and techniques to spark your interest. You’ll make and create while learning. It’s a place to apply scientific inquiry and critical digital literacies. It’s your space to play, tinker, and explore.

  1. Your DIGITAL TOOLBOX links to a variety of digital tools, some used in this course and others that may be of interest in your teaching and learning.
  2. The BLOGGING BASICS section provides links and information about blogging.
  3. A list of suggested CREATIVE MAKES is on a page of its own.
  4. Some HOW TO GUIDES may be helpful as you explore digital resources.
  5. The REFERENCES AND RESOURCES page consolidates all the links found in this course for easy access. Remember you can use the ‘search’ tool to locate where these are found in the course content.
  6. One page to share examples and models of educators’ blog sites, from Ontario and beyond, is found on the SHOWCASE page.

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