Week 6 – Reflect and Connect

This week we will stop a moment and breathe. There will be no discussion forum submissions this week. Instead of text based communication, you’ll be invited, and gently nudged, out of your comfort zone, by joining a video conversation using Zoom. This will be your opportunity to ‘greet and meet’ some of your classmates using digital video resources.

DATES: October 6th to 11th


TOPICS: So far in this course, you’ve focused on decoding digital tools and developed meaning making strategies to help you make sense of digital tools and resources. This week we’ll look at an alternative way to use and create digital resources that are created by others. You may have seen Creative Commons licenses on text, images, audio, music, or video creations. View this Buncee presentation to gain some basic information.

Then view the video to learn more about the CC licensing system and what CC is all about. Think about how you can use resources that are designated CC by their creators. As you explore CC, consider how you can use CC on your own creative works.

  • Learn more about Google Video Chat by applying code breaking and meaning making skills. Go deeper by exploring how it can support student learning. View some of the video links on the LAB resource page.
  • Tinker and play with one Creative Make options.
  • Learn more about how to comment on blog posts on the Blogging Basics page on this site. Then access the class list with the blog URL links, where you will provide a comment. Read the assigned blog post and write a response to this classmate’s post. Review the blog response assignment requirements as outlined on the course syllabus.
  • Think about how you can use and create thanks to the CC licensing system. Consider how you can identify CC licensed work and attribute the work created by others on your blog and other creations.


  • A1: Participate in Google video chat session instead.
  • A1: NO discussion post this week and NO RESPONSES required in D2L this week. 
  • A2: ONE comment on a classmate’s blog site by Saturday at 11:59 p.m. You do not need to submit in any other way. NO SUBMISSION in D2L required. Since I have the URL for each blog site, I will be able to see & retrieve each of the comments using the assignment list and the blog URL links.
    • Use the information on the Blogging Basics page along with the Question formation chart below, to create a question for your comment, to start the conversation with the blogger.
    • Use the information on the Exploring Blogging page to focus your discovery.


  • What have you learned about yourself as a critical digital learner?
  • Where have your digital fluencies improved or been challenged?
  • What has given you ‘joy in the making’ or what are you proud to share?
  • How have you reached out for help or looked for more information to assist your learning?